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Fluidized bed
The Fluidized Bed is a simple, yet thorough means of applying stucco to the wet slurry shell. High pressure air is supplied to the bed plenum and is allowed to disperse evenly through the porous stone into the stucco medium thus a [...]
Drum Sander
Drum sander is Designed and built to withstand the rigors of foundry use, the Drum sander Sander provides accurate application of material to the mold without danger of damaging the pattern. [...]
Slurry Mixer
This rotating tub mixer is the top of the line for the specification that must be completely contamination free. The slurry comes in contact with only stainless steel. This mixer can be made to any size and many options are availa [...]
Ceramic Kiln
Wax injection
Wax injection systems is generating higher casting yields, more patterns per hour and increased productivity and throughput. Parmida refractory company (PRC) is revolutionizing the technology of producing and processing wax patter [...]
Flash Fire
ADVANTAGES OF FLASHFIRE DEWAX SYSTEM Dewax and Burnout are combined into one process. All shells are processed identically with perfect repeat-ability. 80-90 % of the wax is recovered without moisture. Low maintenance needs. Meets [...]